Vanguard VEO 2 PRO 263CPV Carbon Tripod

€197.00 (incl VAT)

Vanguard VEO 2 PRO 263CPV Photo Video Kit offers a Black 3-section Carbon Fiber Tripod with 26mm diameter legs and a PH-38 3-Way Pan Head that folds to 59cm/23.2?, extends to 150cm/59? and can cope with a 6kg/13.2lbs maximum load capacity.

  • Patent Pending PH-38 3-Way Pan Head with dual use for photo & video
  • Two telescopic handles for ultimate compactness and precise adjustment
  • Convert between a ?3-way? and ?2-way? pan head in seconds
  • 4 sided square quick shoe (QS-65) facilitates rapid and effortless camera positioning on-the-go
  • Ergonomically designed for left and right handed users
  • Lightweight (7kg/3.73lbs) carbon fiber tripod
  • Supports up to 6kg/2lbs
  • Legs adjust to 20?, 45? and 80? degree angles
  • FREE Low Angle Adaptor enables low-angle photography
  • Kit includes: Low Angel Adaptor, 2 Allen Wrenches, 3/8'' Screw Adaptor, Spiked Feet and Carrying Bag

    With more photographers shooting video as well as stills, they require a new level of versatility from their pan head. To meet this need, Vanguard's VEO 2 PRO 263CPV introduces the innovative VEO 2 PH-38 3-way pan head for photo and video users who need individual and precise control of each of the 3 movement axes, and it is guaranteed to provide the stability, durability and reliability needed when it comes to performing blur-free photography and cinematography.

    The Patent Pending new Vanguard VEO 2 PH-38 3-way pan head is made of lightweight aluminum alloy and features two telescopic handles that are ergonomically designed for left and right handed users.

    The VEO 2 PH-38 can be used as a traditional 3-way pan head for precise photography movements, but can be brought together for video to become a ?2-way? pan head in seconds.

    The kit includes the QS-65 quick shoe, which offers ultimate connection freedom in any direction, simply and quickly. If needed, other Vanguard Arca Swiss compatible quick shoes can also be used with this head such as the QS-60 or QS-64.

    The 3 section carbon fiber tripod features 26mm diameter legs with settings for 20?, 45? and 80? degrees, easy-release buttons for quick set-up and a free low angle adaptor included. This lightweight (3.7 pound) tripod collapses to 23.2? and can be extended up to 59?. It can support up to 13.2 pounds making it perfect for DSLR cameras.

    A sturdy magnesium die-cast canopy, reliable twist lock legs, non-slip, spiked or rubber feet, a removable hook for hanging camera accessories or a stabilizing weight, 2 Allen wrenches, 3/8'' screw adaptor and carrying bag make this a fantastic kit.