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VEO 2 GO 235CB is a compact and lightweight, 23mm, 5 section carbon fiber travel tripod kit with a compact ball head optimized to carry camera capacities up to 4kg / 8.8lbs.

Designed to be able to be taken on-the-go the VEO 2 GO 235AB provides a lot of versatility from low level shooting while being able to be extended up to 141cm/55.5 inches.? Shoot low angles by reversing the 2-section column or simply remove the ball head an attach the head to the included LAA (Low Angle Adapter).

Designed for entry level DSLR, Mirrorless, Bridge and smartphone cameras this smooth tripod works well in both portrait and landscape modes.? The ARCA compatible ball head T-50 is easy to use and its large lock/unlock knob allows for quick efficient setup.? The T-50 has the added value of having separate pan control so one can easily do 360? imaging if desired.? The QS-64 mounts quickly and efficiently and is equipped to stay on the bottom of your camera so that you can be ready to use your tripod in a blink of an eye.?? Extra QS-64 plates are available for multiple camera users.

Shooting at the beach, in dirty conditions while taking landscape images or seizing unexpected moments of wildlife take your VEO 2 GO fiber tripod anywhere.? Windy?? No problem. ?Mount a camera bag or additional weight to the retractable hook located at the base of the center column.?? Clean-up is a snap too! The new open to click twist leg locks allow for easy fresh water rinsing after working in most demanding environments.?? VEO 2 GO goes everywhere!

he VEO GO 34M is an ideal small sized, and stylish shoulder bag for a Mirrorless/CSC/Hybrid Camera with lens attached, additional 2-3 lenses, or 2 lenses plus flash, accessories, 9.7? tablet, and the standard VEO 2 GO tripod inside (H=High models will not fit). Alternatively, it can also fit a small drone or small gimbal.

Always supported ? VEO 2 GO standard tripod carry-along integrated solutions (*H=High models will not fit)

Quick-action ? top access

Secure full zip closure

Always protected ? well-padded all round

No fumbling ? light colored interior makes finding things easy

Well organized ? dedicated pockets for all essentials

Safe storage ? secured rear pocket for travel document and wallet

Business oriented ? holds a 9.7? tablet

Classically Stylish ? functionality infused with design

Keep dry ? total coverage rain cover

VEO 2 GO 235CB is a compact and lightweight, 23mm, 5 section carbon fiber travel tripod kit with a compact ball head optimized to carry camera capacities up to 4kg / 8.8lbs.

Inverted 5 section lightweight carbon fiber legs that fold for compact carrying

Rubberized Twist leg locks- New Open to click feature.? Also, easy to clean disassemble and reassemble if needed

Sturdy Ball Head T-50 with large ergonomic knobs, separate pan lock optimized to support working loads up to 4kg/8.8lbs.

Arca compatible QR plate. QS-64

Secure head lock system and top plate on the central column

All parts are aluminum alloy machined (CNC)

2 section reversible telescopic center column

Added retractable hook to assist in weighing down the tripod when desired

Shoot low by reversing the column or using the included LAA (Low Angle Adapter)

Independent Leg positioning at 3 different angles (21?, 50?, 80?) for greater adaptation to uneven terrain and to shoot more creative pictures.

Non-slip, all-weather TPU grip on 1 leg

Round rubber feet convert easily to the included set of short spikes