Canon's next-generation Full-Frame CMOS sensor records 5.9K with oversampling for exceptionally high-quality 4K footage

Primary production camera with versatile 5.9K Full-Frame CMOS Sensor

Canon's newly developed 38.1 x 20.1mm Full Frame sensor creates a new visual look, shallower depth of field and wide field of view with 15-stops dynamic range and Canon's outstanding image quality. Versatility when shooting is assured, thanks to sensor modes that support Full Frame, Super 35mm and Super 16mm.

Canon Full-Frame 5.9K CMOS sensor

Canon's innovative 17:9 Full-Frame CMOS sensor with 15-stops of dynamic range offers myriad possibilities including the ability to choose between three sensor modes, Full Frame, Super 35mm and Super 16mm. The CODEX CDX-36150 recorder enables superior image quality in 5.9K RAW, 4K RAW and 2K RAW for maximum post-production flexibility. This is enhanced by high frame rates of up to 150fps/168fps in 2K RAW (crop), 72fps/75fps in 4K (crop) and 50fps/60fps in 5.9K RAW.

Accurate and reliable autofocus

Canon's Dual Pixel CMOS AF system allows users to reliably and easily maintain sharp focus on subjects as they move throughout the frame, and includes a function to aid manual focusing.

Multiple recording formats including 5.9K RAW

Record 5.9K RAW files or 4K ProRes file with an optional CODEX CDX-36150 recorder, or record 4K internally to ProRes or XF-AVC formats for a faster workflow.

Wide range of lens options

Use Canon's Full-Frame EF mount lenses to benefit from Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus. PL mount and B4 options (requiring an EF/PL to B4 adapter) additionally provide a huge range of lens options with Canon's exceptional image quality