Canon imageFORMULA CR-120 series

Compact cheque scanner and imprinter capable of speeds up to 120 cpm, also available with optional, anti-fraud, UV sensors

Cheque scanning at customer service point

High-speed cheque scanning in a small-footprint device that’s ideal for retail and banking. The CR-120 is capable of up to 120 scans a minute, 12,000 per day. It can read ID cards, and is also available with fraud-busting UV sensors.

Small device, high speed

Despite a small footprint occupying minimum desk space, the scanner can read up to 120 cheques per minute from a feeder tray that can hold a maximum of 150 cheques.

Precision cheque scanning

Cheques are read by both magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) and OCR software, with the two sets of results cross-checked for accuracy by a unique algorithm.

Smart UV scanning

Built-in ultraviolet sensors on the CR-120 UV are able to authenticate anti-fraud logos in cheques, and can highlight surface rubbing that might indicate tampering.


Specifications in detail

General information


CR-120 UV (with UV sensors)


Compact cheque scanner with ADF and imprinter


Hi-Speed USB 2.0

Daily duty cycle

12,000 scans/day

Dimensions (W x D x H)

170 x 239 x 204 mm


Approx. 3.5kg

Scanning element


Light source

CR-120 - RGB LED 
CR-120 UV - RGB LED and UV LED

Scanning specifications

Scanning side

Simplex / Duplex

Scanning speed

CR-120: 120 cpm, CR-120 UV: 120 cpm (UV Scan mode)1

Scanning resolution

Cheque (Black and White/Grayscale) 
Scanning: 200dpi, 300dpi 
Output: 100dpi,120 dpi, 150dpi, 200dpi, 240dpi, 300dpi 
Card (Colour) 
Scanning: 600dpi 
Output: 600dpi

Scanning modes

Fine text filtering 
Error diffusion 
256 level grayscale 
16 level grayscale 
24-bit Colour (card only)

Supported image processing functions

Auto Page Size Detection, Colour Dropout/Enhancement, Fine Text Filtering, Imprinter, Border Removal, Edge Emphasis, Add-on, IQA, Contrast Adjustment, MOCR/MICR, Deskew, Colour Deviation Correction, OCR, Shading Compensation, Scan Area Setting, Multistream


MICR : E13B, CMC7 
OCR : E13B, OCR-A, OCR-B, Cheque Writer, Universal Character

Document specifications

Document feeding

Automatic / Non-separation

Document size

Width: 60 - 108 mm 
Length: 90 - 245 mm 
Long document mode: 2m

Document thickness and weight

0.08 - 0.20 mm 
64 - 157 gsm

Feeding capacity

150 sheets  or 15 mm stack

Output capacity

200 sheets


OS Support

Windows Vista, 7, 8.1, 10 
Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012 R2

Drivers and applications

Canon Scanning Utility 
Ranger Driver


The CR Software Development Kit (CR-SDK)

Power and operating requirements

Power requirements

AC 220 - 240V (50/60 Hz)

Power Consumption

Scanning: 23W or less 
Sleep mode: 2.1W or less

Operating Environment

Temperature: 10 - 32.5 °C 
Humidity: 20 - 80 % RH

Environmental compliance


Accessories and consumables


Magnetic Swipe Reader


Exchange Roller Kit 
Ink Disposal Tank 
Ink cartridge (PG-445, PG-445XL, PG-545 or PG-545XL)

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

The ink cartridge is not included with the scanner.

  1. Personal Cheque (152 x 70 mm) in 200 dpi. Scanning speed may vary depending on PC environment, scanner settings, and other factors.